UCF Textiles Graduate Catalogue

This was the winning design in an open pitch for the 2009 Textiles graduate catalogue at UCF. The brief was to create a sophisticated package for individual student 'postcards' that would showcase their work, on a budget of £500. Through carefully designing the package & cards to waste as little paper as possible in the printing process I was able to deliver this design on budget.

The case is sealed with a rubber 'X' band, there were four different colours to provide some variety.
Inside the case, when pulled, a small length of ribbon slides out the postcards.
Each postcard features a piece of work as well as contact details and an overview of each student.
The net of the case was designed to fit a single side of A3, not only did this save on paper costs but it meant only a single plate was needed for the print run, saving even more of the budget.
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